Sun-Moon Lake Black Tea

At the end of the Qing Dynasty era, British merchants once decided tocooperate with the officials to try to cultivate and produce black tea in the Sun-Moon Lake region. But their effort did not succeed. Until the Japanese Occupation, in 1936, the Governor’s Office of Taiwan selected the NoKo district (the aboriginal area around the Sun Moon Lake) in Nantou County to conduct trial planting and cultivation of big leaf black tea as the area has a natural environment that similar to India’s Assam tea producing area. Since the successful production at Yuchi branch promoted and a modernized tea leaf processing to mass tea-producing was introduced, Puli and Yuchi have become an essential producer of Taiwan Assam black tea.

清朝末期、イギリスの商人が役人と協力し、日月潭地域で紅茶を試しに植えてみる事を企画したが、成功しませんでした。 それが日本統治時代、1936年、台湾総督府はインドのアッサム茶生産地域と同様な自然環境を持っている南投県の水沙連地域を選らび、大量な大葉種の紅茶を試験的に栽培し始めました。その後、茶改場魚池分場が成功し、この事が広がり、さらに、近代化の新しい茶葉加工工場の利用し、紅茶を量産し始めた、埔里から魚池までの一帯は台湾のアッサム紅茶の重要生産地になりました。

Large-leaf black tea varieties such as Ceylon tea, Assam tea, and the original tea variety of Shuishe Dashan were successively cultivated under the study of cultivation at Tea Research and Improvement Center in Yuchi. These black teas were mainly exported after the war. In 1970, along with the development of Taiwan’s industry, people’s livelihood became prosperous. Still, the rising wages affect the tea industry’s production cost making it unable to compete with other Asia countries that significantly dropped the export ratio. The production suddenly increased once in 1980 when it rushed into the local’s breakfast shop and bottled tea market. However, in 1990 afterward, the prices couldn’t compete with the imported tea and drove the tea farmers to switch into betel palm.

茶葉改良場魚池分場の研究により、セイロン茶、アッサム茶、水社大山茶などの大葉種紅茶が次々と栽培されました。これらの紅茶は主に戦後輸出向けに販売されていましたが、1970年代になると台湾工業の発展と国民の繁栄に伴い、賃金の上昇がお茶産業の生産費用に影響を与え、アジア諸国との競争力がなくなり、輸出の比率は大幅に下がりました。 1980年代の時、国内のちょうしょくてん紅茶や瓶詰め紅茶の市場に突入しましたが、1990年代以降、価格はまた輸入茶と競合できなくなり、農家は次々と茶からビンロウに切り替えるようになりました。

After the 921 earthquakes, a large number of external resources and volunteers came into Yuchi Township. In the process of revitalizing local industries, Taiwanese black tea once again regained attention. The Tea Research and Improvement Center took this chance to launch “Taiwan Tea Number 18-Hongyu Black Tea”, which is a blend of Taiwanese wild camellia and Burmese big-leaf black tea. With the unique cinnamon and mint aroma, the tea has won the consumer’s heart.


Since Taiwan joined the World Trade Organization in 2002, both sides of the strait (Mainland China and Taiwan) were racing to grab the tea certification mark. To protect the export rights of local agricultural products, in 2004, the Intellectual Property Bureau Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Council of Agriculture drafted the “Key Points for Registration of Geographical Indication Application Certificates”. In 2007, the “Trademark Certificate, Organizational Business Trademark and Organizational Standard Examination Business License ” were released. Finally, in 2011 the “Sun Moon Lake Black Tea” was officially launched under the cooperation of the Agricultural and Food Administration, Executive Yuan, Council of Agriculture, the Tea Industry Improvement Center, Yuchi Township Office, and the Farmers Association. It also established the status of Sun Moon Lake Black Tea as a local brand in Yuchi Township.

台湾が2002年、WTOに入って以来、海峡両岸はすぐにお茶の認証登録争いを始めました。 地元の農産品の輸出権を守るため、経済部知的財産局と農業審議会は、2004年に「地理表示申請認証マーク登録のポイント」を制定し、2007年に「認証マーク、グループマーク、グループマーク審査基準」を発行しました」。「日月潭紅茶」の産地認証マークは行政院農業農産委員会、茶葉改良場、魚池郷町役場、農民協会の協力を得て、2011年で正式に認証され、「日月潭紅茶」も魚池郷のローカルブランドとしての地位を確立しました。

Name: Dayan Leisure Agriculture Area

名称: 大雁(ダイエン)レジャー農業区

Address: No.31-6, Dayan Lane, Dayan Village, Yuchi Township, Nantou County.


Phone: 049-2895938 0931-119599 Fax: 049-2895228

電話番号: 049-2895938 0931-119599    FAX: 049-2895228

Official Website: https://ezgo.coa.gov.tw/zh-TW/Front/Agri/Detail/52


Introduction: Dayan Leisure Agriculture area is located in Yuchi Township, which is recognized as the best black tea production community. The high point of the township is Jinlong Mountain, which is the best spot to watch the sunrise spot. The district is foggy all year round, and the weather is comfortable. With assistance from the government, the residents devoted themselves to the Black Tea-themed community after 921 earthquakes. It is not only nurturing the aroma of organic black tea but also producing unique “Bai Xian Tu”, which creates the resource of leisure industry such as pottery and bamboo charcoal.

紹介: 魚池郷大雁農業区に位置し、トップクラスの紅茶生産地として広く認められています。頂上の金龍山は日の出を見るのに一番良い場所です。ここは一年を通じて雲と霧が舞いており、気候が穏やかで安定しています。921大震災の後、住民たちは官庁の協力のもとに、紅茶をテーマとしたまちの再生とまちづくりに携わって、香ばしい香りを持つオーガニック紅茶を育んだほか、独特な「白仙土」に恵まれたおかげで陶芸や竹炭などレジャー産業の資源を生み出しました。

Name: ShishenCun Village

名称: 拾參(ジュウサン)村

Address: No. 24-10, Dayan Lane, Dayan Village, Yuchi Township, Nantou County.


Phone: 049-2897298

電話番号: 049-2897298

Website: http://shishencun.org.tw/


Introduction: Shican Village, which is located in Yuchi Township, has insisted on its high-quality black tea production from generation to generation. Therefore, tea farmers in 13 villages of Yuchi Township formed “Guarantee Responsibility Black Tea Production Cooperative in Yuchi Township, Nantou County”. The aim of the local guarantee social organizations is to take the responsibility of establishing the reputation of “Shishen Cun Sun Moon Lake Black Tea”. We planted Black Tea with pure and natural faith, and use the traditional way of baking. Also, we choose aluminum material for packaging to maintain the fragrance of tea. Such care and professional requirements are only to continue the good taste of sweetness since the Japanese occupation.

紹介: 拾參村が伝えたいのは、魚池鄉 郷のお茶農家が何代にもわたってこだわり抜いた質の高い紅茶のお茶づくりの精神です。魚池郷十三村によって結成された「保証責任南投県魚池郷紅茶生産協同組合」の目的は、現地の保証責任社会組織を通して、「十三村日月潭紅茶」の名声を確立します。自然で環境に優しいという理念で栽培された紅茶は、伝統的な方法で焼き、お茶の香りを最も保てる純アルミニウムを包装材とし、日本統治時代からの甘い後味というこだわりを引き継いでおります。

Name: DongFeng Manor

名称: 東峰荘園

Address: No.5-30, Youshui Alley, Zhongming Village, Yuchi Township, Nantou County


Telephone: 049-2897861 0965-625298

電話番号: 049-2897861 0965-625298

Website: https://www.powtea.com/


Introduction: Dongfeng Manor produces the best black tea with the concept of nature, safety, and health. It is believed that the basic task of tea factories is to ensure safe and hygienic conditions for black tea cultivation and processing, so they insist on not using chemical fertilizers and herbicides, and have passed ISO22000 and HACCP international certification. Since tea is rich in tea polyphenols and catechins, black tea contains a large amount of theaflavin and theaflavin, which have multiple effects on body health. To give full play to the benefits of tea to the human body, Dongfeng Manor uses good processing technology to retain the health elements of tea as much as possible.

Therefore, they insist not using chemical fertilizer and herbicides, and have been verified with ISO22000 and HACCP international certification. As tea is rich in polyphenols and catechins, black tea contains a large amount of theaflavin, which has multiple effects on health care. To maximize the benefits of tea to the human body, Dongfeng Manor uses superior processing technology to preserve the healthy elements of tea as much as possible.


Name: Heguo Forest

名称: 和菓森林

Address: No. 5 Xiangcha Lane, Xincheng Village, Yuchi Township, Nantou County


Phone: 049-2897238 Fax: 049-2895-857

電話番号: 049-2897238    FAX: 049-2895-857

Official website: https://www.hugosum.com.tw/


Introduction: Heguo Forest was established in 2005. It is the first black tea sightseeing tea factory to promote brand marketing, story marketing, and experience marketing. The Luzhu community, where it is located, was once the operating center of the largest private tea factory “Mojiki Tea Factory” during the Japanese Occupation. Therefore, in addition to natural planting and hand-picking one core and two leaves to establish the quality of premium black tea, Heguo Forest also provides consumers with a place to witness the history and culture of Sun Moon Lake black tea for more than 80 years through community creation. Heguo Forest is named after the Hokkien homonym of “Good Results”. It uses education to promote Sun Moon Lake’s black tea culture so that the world can see the revival of Sun Moon Lake’s tea art

紹介: 和菓森林は2005年に成立され、最初にブランドマーケティング、物語マーケティングや経験価値マーケティングなどの方法を取った紅茶観光製茶場です。所在地である鹿蒿地区は日本統治時代最大の民営製茶場「持木製茶場」の運営中心でした。和菓森林は一芯二葉を自然栽培と手摘みなどで逸品の紅茶に仕立て上げました。そのほか、まちづくりを通して日月潭紅茶の80年を越えた歴史を消費者に届ける場を設けました。和菓森林は閩南語の「良い結果」という語呂合わせで命名され、教育をもって日月潭紅茶の文化を広め、世界に日月潭の茶芸復興を発信しております。

Name: Toho Black Tea

名称: 東邦紅茶

Address: No. 132-3, Beihuan Road, Puli Town, Nantou County


Phone: 049-2982231 Fax: 049-2994318

電話番号: 049-2982231   FAX: 049-2994318

Official website: https://www.toptea999.com/index.asp


Introduction: During the Japanese Occupation, black tea gardens spread from Yuchi Township as the center and spread to Puli Town; Dongbang Black Tea was the remaining black tea processing factory in Puli Township. Toho black tea operators overcame all difficulties in 2011 to reorganize the 80-year-old tea garden. With the sweet and robust bottom rhyme of old tea tree black tea, it is highly recognized by tea experts. Nowadays, with the name of high-quality native black tea from Taiwan, it has been exported to Britain, the United States, and Japan, and is well-known in the international market. In addition to big-leaf black tea, it also processes Lishan Oolong tea, Wenshan Baozhong tea, and the emerging small-leaf black tea, which is a diversified tea factory.

紹介: 日本統治時代の頃、紅茶の茶園は魚池郷を中心に、埔里鎮までにも至りました。東邦紅茶の経営者は2011年に万難を克服し、80年を越えた古い茶園を整頓しました。紅茶の古木の深みのある味わいは、お茶の専門家にも太鼓判を押されました。今や台湾特有の紅茶として、英米日に輸出され、世界知名の紅茶となりました。大葉紅茶以外、梨山ウーロン茶、文山包種茶、東方美人茶、小葉種紅茶など多くのお茶を加工し、様々なお茶を作っている製茶場です。

Name : Hohocha 喝喝茶丨Taiwan Aromatic Sun-Moon Lake Black Tea Depot

名称Hohocha 喝喝茶丨台灣香日月潭紅茶廠

Address : No. 443-36號, Yuchi Street, Yuchi Township, Nantou County, 555

アクセス: 555南投縣魚池鄉魚池街443-36

Phone : 04 9289 5899


Website : http://www.sunmoonblacktea.com/


Brief Introduction: Hohocha is operated by “Dayou Business Co., Ltd.” plant nursery and landscape specialist. Opening in 2019, Hohocha has ever gained attention from a large number of tourists with their free tea and tasty egg. In 2008, Dayou Company established the park as “Sun Moon Lake- Sun Moon Mountain Leisure Villa and Resort”, which includes black tea producing exploration area, accommodation, and camping area. The management team is specialized in tea garden optimization, and production, which is the reason of century-old tea trees and five-leaf pine in the park can be seen until now. Furthermore, the scientific readymade bottled Sun Moon Lake black tea is also the main characteristic of Hohocha.


Name : TEA18朝霧茶莊 Chaowu TEA House


Address : No.10-1號, Dehua Street, Yuchi Township, Nantou County, 555

アクセス: 555南投縣魚池鄉德化街10-1

Phone : 049-2898883

電話番号: 049-2898883

Website : http://www.tea18.com.tw/


Brief Introduction: Chaowu Tea House is right next to the SunMoon Lake, where in the past, the original tea trees were being replaced in with betel nut plants. Then, while the town office promoted the “Black Tea Revival” project, Wang Sisters persuaded their father to root out the betel nuts and replant it with tea trees, and Chaowu Tea House was born. Chaowu Farm uses the Natural Agriculture method to grow their tea and sell it later by themselves. The products not only have production and sales history but also had a Certificate of Originality. Apart from selling tea, Chaowu Tea House also opens its Hand-shake Tea/ Beverage shop. Their black teas are the Taicha number 18 “Hong-yu / Red Jade” Black Tea, and currently, Chaowu Tea House is still discussing cooperating with Japanese brands to create a new business opportunity.





校對:Khanh Chau Dao;片山和香